The interaction of people with living and working spaces has evolved and entered a transformational era in this decade. Due to enhanced focus on the environment, technology, redefinition of luxury, post-COVID behavior change, as well as the rise in shared living, customers have become ever more demanding.

Real estate players need to enhance focus on asset value maximization, digitization, use of advanced analytics, and next-gen construction practices to thrive and remain future-proof. Investors are demanding developers to predict and understand these customer needs better and implement projects that are affordable yet aspirational.

We work with wide-ranging stakeholders in the ecosystem like real estate companies, developers, investors, facility managers, and REITs. Praxis brings a collaborative approach and practical solutions to drive efficiency, power growth, manage innovation & digitization, and maximize the value of assets. Also, we have extensively worked with new-age technology and internet-first companies and financial sponsors on next generation asset light real estate models like co-living and co-working.

Our Clients

Real estate

Leading real estate players trust us to manage critical engagements in digital enablement, risk management, value maximization and to envision living & working spaces of the future

Real estate tech

We work across co-living, student housing, classifieds, coworking, asset management and other asset light models helping companies grow profitably

Affordable housing

We help real estate developers create compelling sales strategy, manage projects seamlessly and spot opportunities

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