prax·is \ˈprak-səs\ Means "Exercise or practice of an art, science, or skill; Practical application of a theory"

Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Your business needs the best of technology, expertise and people - we get it.

Praxis is redefining business research and advisory in a way that is win-win for clients, domain experts, service partners and analyst and advisory talent pool. We are improving ROIs on consulting, advisory and analytics spends substantially. Our clients want to be future ready and value 'on ground acceleration'; that is why they partner with us - the most practical advisory and implementation partner!

Superior outcomes

enabled by Unique practitioner expertise-led model, Full stack capability, Flexible and cost efficient delivery

Praxis is practical. We are not a consulting firm; we are an Enablement and Transformation catalyst.

We partner with clients end-to-end, right from diagnosing a business problem to implementation and change management. We make this possible by combining our in-house consulting capabilities, data science & analytics teams, as well as people development tools and resources

Our approach is grounded and humble. We cover a wide spectrum - wherein at one end, we work seamlessly with C-suite executives while at the other, our teams collaborate with front-line executives enabling end-to-end business enablement, productivity enhancement, organizational transformation, and revenue maximization.

We are the consulting firm of the FUTURE

We make businesses win in a global environment.

Praxis works with a unique business model leveraging eminent industry practitioner’s knowledge and expertise across segments and projects.

We work with a collaborative attitude to design the right solutions for our client partners focused on driving high quality.

Our teaming principles

Our vision

We enable organizations to perform better. Superior outcomes guaranteed.

Our mission

To become the most impactful, go-to (most admired) destination for most practical professional advice and implementation support for organizations globally.

What makes us Proud Praxians

People prime

Achieve full potential. Help others win.

Resolute growth mindset

(1.01)^250 = 12 because (0.99)^250 = 0.08

Action bias

Get it done. Go All in.


Set new benchmarks of quality.


Keep learning. Stay humble. Seek out.

Scalability with sustainability

Work smart. Be consistent. Chase your Ikigai.

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