We work with organizations in the technology space to digitally transform their businesses and align their business models with changing industry needs. Leading technology based service providers take our support in the areas of process improvement, productivity enhancement, customer experience, talent model re-invention and next generation technology re-invention.

Praxis brings a collaborative approach and practical solutions to drive efficiency & growth, manage innovation & digitization. Our multi-dimensional team is experienced in data science, AI, and technology-enabled solutions working across industrial, geographical, and capability-led sectors.

We collaborate with new-age tech (with deep expertise in AI, Machine learning, cloud computing, cybersecurity, IoT) companies tech leaders, investors to create a thriving eco-system enabled by latest tech-led business innovations to help global economies become future-ready.

Our Clients

IT services

We help turbocharge the sales engines of IT service providers and make their delivery models and talent models ready for the future

Engineering services

We enable players to understand underlying R&D and Product development trends better and help ER&D provider sharpen their Go-to-market

Software and SaaS

Leading software developers use our market segmentation and customer insights to refine their product, GTM and pricing strategies

Personal computing and entertainment

We enable companies to adopt more digital experience tools to improve guest experience while building customer analytics capabilities

Next gen tech

We help businesses align futuristic technologies with present market scenarios to transform their strategy and processes

Business Process Outsourcing

Customer service is essential to brand experience post the purchas. We help BPO and KPO players improve CX and become more cost-efficient

Data centers and cloud services

Businesses rely on us to devise Go-To-Market strategies and drive cost efficiencies

IT hardware

We help businesses position themselves for the ever-evolving market and get ready for the future tech and service-oriented models


We enable clients to envision the future of computing and internet, and scale their organization and capabilities for the future

Telecom equipment

We help players think clearly about the fast evolving landscape, improve operations through competitive benchmarking and cost optimization

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