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Commercial due diligence for a SaaS Co.
28 May 2020
  • Company Description: Large Indian hospitality player
  • Opportunity: Due diligence to profile the business, understand the market, benchmark the product, estimate standalone revenue and acquisition synergies
Our Approach
  • We extensively analyzed financials and built out potential future cases
  • Conducted market sizing exercise and product benchmarking to understand market attractiveness and potential
  • Conducted >700 customer interviews (cold and warm) and >30 industry stakeholder interviews
  • Estimated 5-year revenue & EBITDA growth using 3 scenarios: BAU, base case & aggressive growth case
  • Identified different potential synergies / dis-synergies arising out of the acquisition & estimating the monetary impact for each

Key Insights / Outcomes

Price realization in Asia & LATAM decreases with growth as Incremental customer acquisition could come at a lower price point

Tech team in politically risky geos are prone to de-stabilization, diversification to multiple geos helps mitigate risk

Praxis Value Delivered 
  • Deep, comprehensive company profile study, a study of market attractiveness
  • View of the customer, product benchmarking, estimates of revenue & EBITDA growth
  • Potential acquisition synergies
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