We are leaders in healthcare. We work with leaders across the healthcare sub-sectors of delivery, devices, diagnostics, and all other forms of health delivery models. By 2050, 22% of the global population will be 60 years or older and 80% of those will be

living in low- and middle-income countries. Access and affordability will dawn newer challenges for global healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, demanding greater agility and stronger patient focus. Changing global dynamics will create opportunities and therefore, businesses today must

prepare for markets of tomorrow. At Praxis, we bring cutting edge sector expertise, technology focus, in depth and scientific research, and proven value creation toolkits, that help businesses not just grow, but also become patient-centric and future-ready market leaders

What we do?

Commercial excellence

We empower players in the healthcare industry with our specialized commercial excellence solutions. By identifying precise value-creation levers and developing tailor-made market entry strategies, we catalyze sustainable revenue and margin growth for your business.

T2 T3 expansion

We help achieve remarkable revenue growth through our unparalleled expertise in T2 and T3 expansion. Leveraging our cutting-edge solutions, we optimize productivity, enabling businesses to surpass their targets. With deep domain knowledge, we unlock unprecedented efficiency gains driving profitability.

Portfolio/ category strategy

We specialize in strategic product launch plans, lucrative growth space identification, precise pricing optimization, cost structures, and robust portfolio strategies for accelerated revenue growth. With our tailored solutions, we help businesses achieve sustainable growth and stay ahead in today’s dynamic landscape.

Exports and International Expansion

Our extensive international expansion strategy and export services help clients discover new horizons. Specifically tailored to business needs, our comprehensive solutions enable coherent penetration of global markets for healthcare companies. From thorough market research to efficient distribution channels, our expertise ensures seamless entry into diverse countries.

Inorganic strategy

At Praxis, we excel in identifying profitable targets that align perfectly with our clients objectives for accelerated growth. We conduct thorough commercial due diligence to ensure optimal revenue and margin expansion.

Our Clients

Healthcare delivery & services

We help create a value-based model for healthcare providers that delivers quality of outcomes, patient centricity, operational excellence, and market leading yet profitable and sustainable growth

Diagnostics & radiology

Helping diagnostic players to maximize revenue and drive market leadership position

Clinical research

We assist clinical research organizations to program manage the clinical trials effectively, improve operational performance and drive revenue growth

Medical devices & consumables

We help medical device and consumables clients to achieve commercial success and drive performance

Patient aids & implants

Helping clients to innovate, build, market, and grow next-gen products

Contract research & manufacturing

We help contract research & manufacturing companies creating lasting value for their clients as well as create own direct to market route for their products


Helping healthtech startups with guidance across business objectives such as growth, adjacency expansion, offerings validation, customer success, and driving unit economics

Healthcare IT

We help Healthcare IT clients scale digital tools and become agile to changing industry needs

Health insurance

We help manage costs, limit risk, and drive growth for our health insurance clients

Healthcare associations

We work with Government healthcare associations and non-profit organizations to build public health policy, and support their efforts in program implementations, and conduct cutting edge research


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