Praxis works across the energy, power, and oil & gas spectrum to enable companies improve their revenue growth and optimize their cost structure. The high fixed cost nature of the industry creates a challenging environment for companies. Energy transition, global competition, technology disruption, increasing volatility in oil prices and changing global dynamics & regulations have created a level of uncertainty in the industry.

This is creating both opportunities and challenges for the existing and new players in the sector. Companies are looking for a clear and derisked path ahead to maximize the value of their investments and portfolio. On the other hand, investors in the sector require a further deep understanding of the sectoral challenges to maximize their returns on investment.

At Praxis, we enable our clients to navigate through the uncertainties and build resilient business models, through our unique, fact-based, and actionable digital-oriented strategies. Our depth and breadth of offerings cover the entire spectrum of challenges associated with companies operating in this sector.

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