Garima Malhotra

Associate Partner

About Garima Malhotra

Healthcare (Hospitals, Diagnostics, MedTech, HealthTech) | Commercial Due Diligence | T2 T3 Expansion | Inorganic Strategy | International Expansion | Clinical Research | Medical Advisory | Business Strategy | Operational efficiency enhancement
Garima Malhotra is a seasoned expert and an industry professional with 13 years of experience. She specializes in providing strategic advice to healthcare and consumer & retail companies. From providing solutions and offering commercial due diligence to analyzing cost-reducing initiatives, Garima has a proven track record of providing her all-encompassing expertise while fostering new and cutting-edge ideas.

Garima has played a pivotal role in leading transformative ideas and offering insights leading to major developments in startups and corporates across industries. Many such transformative ideas are Healthcare which includes medical devices, diagnostics, hospitals, HealthTech, and consumer companies including consumer appliances, apparel, and EdTech. Following her leadership role, she has also conducted sales force training and strategic leadership sessions for leading corporates.

As a valued professional, Garima delivers excellent merit for the client-benefit philosophy, by offering insights to help execute projects with strong outcomes. Her industry experience with J.P Morgan Chase and PwC has demonstrated her highly skilled knowledge base and has helped foster a culture of innovation and excellence.

A veteran wearing many hats, Garima is a trusted advisor for healthcare and consumer companies, capable of driving forward and being a leading frontier of the healthcare industry with her unparalleled leadership and industry expertise.


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