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Will NDHM’s Policy Guidelines Prove Hollow In Absence Of Data Protection Law?
18 Dec 2020

  • Earlier this week, the centre approved NDHM’s health data management policy, meant to set out the minimum standard in data privacy protection, for all participants in the National Digital Health Ecosystem
  • Policy experts are of the opinion that the passing of the policy shouldn’t have preceded the passing of India’s data protection law
  • The Internet Freedom Foundation has also flagged the government’s consultation process for the draft policy, for not enabling the participation of disabled persons and non-English speakers

Digital highways are in construction, says the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM), and will form the backbone of the country’s integrated health infrastructure to bridge the existing gaps between stakeholders. However, legal and policy experts feel that in the absence of a strong personal data protection law in the country, these digital highways would be riddled with potholes.

The full article was originally published on Inc42

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