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Healthcare is a target for cyber predators and how can the industry #BeCyberSmart
01 Nov 2021
Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving industry, as hackers and security professionals become sophisticated and continuously try to outsmart each other. National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is celebrated every October and is an initiative to put conscious efforts towards ensuring better cybersecurity hygiene and incorporate stronger security measures.
In 2021, Cybersecurity Awareness Month highlights the importance of cybersecurity education for all around the theme: Do your part. #BeCyberSmart. Industry experts share their insights around the evolving threat landscape and why healthcare sector is most vulnerable to cyberattacks and how the industry can bolster cyber defences.
“According to CrowdStrike’s Threat Hunting Report 2021, healthcare was one of the top five targeted verticals in the APJ region, with confidential information such as PII and PHI data from clinical trials and research often a target for adversaries. Pharmaceutical companies have intellectual property they need to secure relating to things like proprietary drug information or pharmaceutical research. This is also very attractive to adversaries because of the sell on value or potential to use for ransom demands as well as the opportunity to fast track drug research through theft of this information.

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