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Program governance for concept - graduation of new business initiatives
08 Apr 2020


  • Client Description: A global IT/ITeS firm 
  • Opportunity: The client wanted to create a Product Management Group (PMG) to identify, conceive, seed, support and graduate breakout growth opportunities (Hyper-Growth Initiatives) into new business that can grow to $100M+ in 4-5 years. PMG needed to work with service line/vertical leaders to enable best opportunities access to right funding & support, while opportunities with limited potential/feasibility fail quickly to conserve organizational resources

Our Approach

  • Diagnose, design and adopt a governance framework (KPIs, R&Rs, structure, program, dashboard, etc.) for the PMG
  • Enable PMG to become an ‘incubator’ to HGIs equipping the team with capability augmentation in MVP definition, primary research through stakeholder (customers, competitors, vendor) interviews and expert panels, building investment case, etc.
  • Content support in creating offering definition, digital strategy, sales & marketing support, and GTM plans for global markets

Key Insights / Outcomes

Significant shift from few large-size deals to multiple small-sized ones, along with boosted growth in the number of start-ups.

Gradual shift from linear models (rising headcount to increase revenue) to non-linear ones.

Indian firms adopting pricing strategies competent with large global players.

Praxis Value Delivered

    • Establishment of Centre of Excellence (Primary Research, Expert panels, Industry databases) to support the PMG
    • Graduation of 4 (out of 6) adopted HGIs from incubation to business verticals under a new ‘Superhorizontal’ paradigm
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