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Seven technology trends for 2021
24 Dec 2020

Technology has become an intrinsic part of life, more so in the COVID-19 era. We have seen significant growth in consumer-facing technology such as digital payments, telehealth, productivity aids, communication tools, and robotics or AI-driven equipment. Some of these trends are irreversible and will continue to shape the technological developments of the next year. Research of technology trends at PGA Labs indicates seven trends.

1. Cybersecurity: The increased use of technological tools is exposing networks and applications to security vulnerabilities such as privacy intrusion of individual users and security threats to corporations. 2020 already saw a 37 percent increase in cyberattacks (first half of 2020 over H2 of 2019). Heightened cyber threats coupled with higher user awareness for security is going to increase the focus on cybersecurity. Additionally, with more ubiquitous and pervasive connectivity, the need for cybersecurity will expand from enterprises to individuals.

The full article was originally published on Moneycontrol

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