We work closely alongside companies and investors across industries on delivering significant bottom-line improvement by smart cost reduction initiatives that cut flab, not muscle, and boosting resource productivity.

We leverage our expertise in new age digital technologies and an ‘on-the-ground’ outcome orientation and project management skills to help clients in their pursuit of operational excellence.

Improving bottom lines by reducing costs smartly and managing complicated initiatives better.

What We Do

Profitability improvement

Identifying sustainable opportunities for profit improvement by focusing on operational execution, top-line growth and strategic cost management

Cost reduction

Designing and delivering sustainable reduction of operating initiatives based on rigorous cost benchmarking, efficient process design, optimal resource allocation and technology-enabled cost transformation

Process re-rngineering

Designing and implementing minimalist and customer-centric journeys and processes based on the principles of design thinking and zero-defect operations to dramatically enhance customer experience

Agile supply chain

Enabling clients create and manage agile and cost-efficient supply chains using our unique data and research-driven methodology and toolkit for demand forecasting, logistics and procurement effectiveness

Realize channel potential

Working with clients to unleash the full power of their distribution channels by enhancing reach organically and through partnerships, aligning channel incentives, implementing loyalty programs and building channel capabilities

Operational excellence

Building world-class operational capabilities based on a rigorous measurement, assessment and benchmarking of quantitative and qualitative operational metrics and helping clients manage organisation-wide transformation programs

Shared services & automation

Re-imagining customer and employee journeys to migrate processes in a shared services framework and use advanced analytics and automation tools to reduce unit costs

Risk & corporate finance

Work with clients to navigate the VUCA world by developing robust risk management and financial planning framework

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