Increasing size, complexity, and risk of construction projects, increasing competition in the sector, while declining profitability and budgets is creating tremendous productivity pressures on infrastructure companies. It is becoming extremely critical to be able to execute projects in a time-bound manner to contain costs and maintain profitability.

To deal with inherent risks and uncertainties in the sector, the companies are looking for measures and innovative solutions to arrest costs and maintain margins, and evaluating derisked paths to protect their investments. On the other hand, the investors are looking at the vulnerability of their investments and ways to derisk their exposure to the sector.

At Praxis, we enable our clients to deliver superior project planning to execution, build advanced construction processes, implement lean on-site operations, drive consolidation, and digitalize for the future. Our offerings in infrastructure help clients to adopt new and innovative methods that will help to deliver projects on time, on budget, more efficiently, and more reliably.

Our Clients


We support airport concessionaires in traffic forecast-based project & business planning, non-aero revenue improvement, improving customer experience and capability development

Engineering and construction

We leverage sectoral expertise to assist EPC companies in project delivery excellence, portfolio diversification, and efficient procurement

Infrastructure services

Infrastructure services firms’ rely on us for go to market strategy, revenue enhancement and performance improvement


We support port concessionaires in traffic forecast-based capacity planning, adopting digital strategies for better goods management, and cost & manpower optimization


Toll road concessionaires partner with us to deliver construction timelines, forecast traffic, evaluate new projects, diversify revenue streams, and digitalize for the future

Urban development

We support urban agencies in mapping demand for new urban development projects, and helping deliver projects within budgets

Waste and water management

We support firms in assessing water and waste disposal demand and capacity planning, along with delivering construction activities

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