People Value Creation (PVC™) puts organizational productivity as the cornerstone of any organization strategy.

Using our deep expertise working with fast-growing companies, proven organization transformation toolkits, and a deep array of organization experts, we help companies transform strategy into results.

Our organization toolkit will help you maintain an agile and insurgent mindset, launch and scale innovation, drive decisions at speed, and create a compelling talent value proposition.

What We Do

Organization diagnostic

Assess the readiness of your organization to transform the vision and strategy into results

Culture and change

Drive sustainable and inclusive cultural transformation while keeping results as the cornerstone of organizational vision

KPI cascade

Define, deploy, measure, and move KPIs relevant to the strategy and purpose of the organization

Attrition defence

Reduce attrition through data-driven strategies and create a breakthrough talent proposition

Learning accelerator

Action-oriented strategies to implement blended and personalized learning program for accelerated skill improvement

Organization structure design

Design a scalable yet insurgent organization which delivers speed, communication, inspiration, innovation, and productivity


Build management strength and create inspirational and visionary leadership teams

Performance management

Build efficient and outcome oriented performance management frameworks to inspire hearts and minds of your people

HR 360 design & setup

Develop a productivity and speed driven 360-degree talent management function

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