Organization Productivity
Improving productivity of overall delivery team of a global professional services firm
28 Apr 2020

  • Client description: A leading global professional services firm 
  • Opportunity: Global professional services firm wanted to understand where its people across offices (geos) are spending time and what kind of existing productivity are they seeing. The mandate was to identify gaps in the current model and recommend productivity improvement opportunities and also deliver tangible outcomes
Our Approach
  • Used a time-motion study framework to understand where and how employees spend their time
  • A detailed in-depth discussion with 100+ employees (mix of high & solid performers, and mix of junior, mid-level, and senior employees) across seven offices to understand daily routine, time spent in different activities, challenges faced and improvement areas
  • Mapped employee work time allocation across activities with various parameters like geography, level of seniority, years in firm, performance level etc.
  • Based on the time allocation, identified gaps and potential time loss because of those
  • Identified several productivity improvement opportunities across outsourcing/hiring of dedicated resources, tech/infra improvement/upgrades, eliminate/refine processes, & training/skilling / behavioural changes
  • Developed hypothesize and validated the above by doing an online assessment of employees across all geos
  • Validated an overall 20-25% productivity improvement opportunity across geographies
  • Created an overall implementation plan for the initiative
  • Worked with cross-functional teams in the implementation of the initiatives and tracking of performance across geographies 

Key Insights / Outcomes

Successfully identified 30 potential opportunities for improving employee productivity across seven locations, which could lead to ~20% productivity improvement.

Praxis Value Delivered
  • Implemented a relentless enablement program to realize 8-10% of the improvement within the first 3-6 months
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