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Ground ops productivity improvement for a leading hospitality chain
04 Jun 2020
  • Client description: A leading hospitality chain 
  • Opportunity: Client wanted to increase the productivity of its ground ops staff while also improving customer experience and wow. Additionally, client also wanted to implement process for measuring productivity KPIs.
Our Approach
  • Focused on a time motion study framework to identify the gaps in current process. As part of this, we focused on understanding the day to day activities of ground ops
  • Engaged with client's central team to understand the whole process of ground ops management, their activities and average amount of time spent by them on different activities
  • Shadowed both most efficient and least efficient ground ops staff to understand the difference in workflow, time spent and operating style 
  • Categorized and mapped ground personnel activities under three categories productive, non-productive essential and non-productive nonessential
  • After, initial round of discussion with ground staff, five productivity levers were identified- customer wow, offloading of tasks, internal benchmarking, removal of tasks and tech interventions to reach the maximum span without compromising customer wow
  • Discussion with the ops team and the tech team to figure out how tech can be used to maximize span, plug productivity gaps and customer wow
  • Developed standardized procedures for workflow and developed specific KPIs and KRAs for ground ops
  • Conducted a workshop with the ground personnel to explain standardized procedures and KRAs
  • Developed a tech enabled solution to track staff productivity and ensure adherence with procedures

Key Insights / Outcomes

• Client was able to increase the span of the ground staff by more than 2.5 times without affecting the customer satisfaction.

Praxis Value Delivered
  • In-depth process mapping by detailed discussions and shadowing ground ops 
  • Developed a QR code scanning app to track productivity and KPI adherence of each ground staff

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