Organization Productivity
Improving organization productivity through a full-length diagnostic study for a major internet firm
02 Jun 2020
  • Client description: A leading consumer tech company in the healthcare space
  • Opportunity: A prominent consumer internet company in the healthcare space wanted to boost organizational productivity and improve value created by employees by assessing the company on key-value creation levers.
Our Approach
  • Used Praxis’ proprietary organization productivity toolkit to assess client company on five key value creation levers including employee motivation, role allocation, skill development, quality of interaction, and leadership.
  • Conducted organization-wide surveys to rigorously assess employee satisfaction on each of the 5 parameters mentioned previously and identify key strengths and areas of improvement for the organization by geography, function, level, etc.
  • Conducted detailed interviews with employees across levels and departments, and HR professionals in the company to understand growth and productivity inhibitors, build hypotheses on key problem areas, and agree on steps to implement value creation enablers.
  • Used advanced analytics and visualizations to unearth underlying issues and patterns in survey data
  • Collaborated with senior management and HR staff to develop action plans to target key problem areas, establish relevant KPIs and milestones and, finally create a repeatable process of data collection and analysis to enable continuous monitoring.
  • Analyzed the company’s operating model and organizational hierarchy to identify inefficiencies at different levels and ways in which client company can restructure to unlock greater value, for example, steps company can take to integrate digital initiatives with existing processes.

Key Insights / Outcomes

Diagnostic study identified ten key problem areas including inefficient decision-making processes, misaligned incentives structure and low employee engagement.

Study also showed that the client company could achieve an improvement of 5-10% in overall employee productivity by implementing recommended action items.

Praxis Value Delivered
  • Gave client a detailed view of strengths and weaknesses across drivers and by various clusters of employees exhibiting similar behaviors, concerns, etc.
  • Provided client with a composite employee value productivity score vis-a-vis benchmarks.
  • Summarized outcomes from the diagnostic study in a visual dashboard with each recommendation critically linked to business performance with supporting details of owners, milestones, and timelines.

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