Sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) programs are critical long-term value and business resiliency components. ESG is fast becoming mainstream, increasingly intertwining the investment strategy of public market FPI/ FIIs and private equity funds. Investors are continuously rebalancing their investment philosophy to identify firms that will deliver robust financial performance and a sustainable long-term social good.

The ESG lens for evaluating investments calls for a clear set of criteria to identify companies that stand out in their business strategy and financial performance and excel in their environmental, social, and governance contributions. Identify significant industry opportunities and business operations risk, high cost of capital, and exposure, and eliminate inaccurate accounting.

As leading one of the leading consulting firms, we cater to Private Equity, Impact investors, Mutual Funds, Public Companies, Foundations, Multilateral Agencies, and government organizations to provide end-to-end advisory in the ESG performance and impact assessment. Our ESG services can help organizations to manage and monitor their sustainability journey.

Our Clients

Private Equity

We conduct business performance assessment and identification of growth opportunities for leading industries. Our services include CDD, ESG diligence and thematic research, market assessment and benchmarking portfolio reconstruction, and risk management

Impact investors

We conduct impact sector performance assessment and identification of growth opportunities, CDD, thematic research, market assessment and benchmarking, and responsible exits while driving thought leadership engagements. We have a robust approach to building ESG into your sourcing and investment processes

Investment funds

We conduct investment fund performance assessments and identify growth opportunities for leading players. Our services include CDD, market assessment and benchmarking, and” Index Weighted Scoring

Public companies

We assist public sector companies to evaluate the full potential of their sustainability efforts and analyze implications for portfolio, growth, and decarbonization. We also consult them in communicating their strategies while conducting ESG diligence benchmarking index weighted scoring


We assist foundations to map the opportunity landscape, reviewing their project portfolio, selecting implementation partners, developing a sustainable fund-raising strategy, building a target segment/pipeline of potential donors/investors, and conducting impact assessment studies

Government organizations

We help government bodies and multilateral agencies with research-driven policy design impact assessment for development initiatives. We analyze impact potential by sub-segments, geography, etc., and define the mandate to achieve sustainable development goals. We understand the ecosystem challenges and conduct sector mapping to identify key trends & key players. At the same time, we are benchmarking best practices on governance and schemes

Multilateral agencies

We are an advisor to multilateral agencies; our services include assessment of Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)-related strategic, tactical, and operational opportunities and risks

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