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Brand360 diagnostic

Brand360 is our proprietary Brand Health Check toolkit that takes a holistic view of the health of the brand across relevance, connect, engagement, identifiers, affiliation, loyalty and connectedness

Brand performance enhancer

We undertake holistic brand assessments to enable activation of brands in offline stores and online channels. Our on-ground implementation teams drive critical initiatives with channel partners and retailers and take a holistic view of building sustainable brands

Brand architecture

Brands convey identity, value proposition, values and beliefs. We help businesses demystify universal brands, umbrella strategies, sub-brands and brand extensions. We help clients leverage brand synergies in a varied portfolio to eliminate confusion

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) reduction

Our data science team, marketing experts and consultants work together to de-average acquisition costs by marketing channel and draw customer acquisition and retention funnel

Customer journeys

We map and align customer journeys to reduce friction for customers. We help our clients create delightful experiences for their customers

Digital marketing strategy and ROI tracker

We help our clients identify the right mix of digital channels and target audience across channels utilizing deep data capabilities and domain expertise to optimize brand exposure. Our clients rely on us to diagnose inefficiencies, design and track the right KPIs to ensure multi-fold increase in ROI on marketing spend

UX and digital Asset benchmarking

Our UX experts and marketing strategists review digital assets, customer interfaces, service touchpoints, mobile apps and customer journeys and optimize them. We help clients become more relevant to their customers

Design-thinking based brand re-invention

We conduct Design thinking workshops to understand underlying brand strengths and weaknesses, and create resonance in brand vision with the product and value delivered

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Diagnostic

We are specialists in measuring NPS and helping businesses decipher the drivers of promotion and detraction. Our methodical and lean approach helps get results quickly and ensures actionability

NPS system design and implementation

We understand the varied needs of businesses. We advise businesses on NPS system design, deciding on touchpoints for feedback collection and implementing closed feedback loops

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