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Ms Sitara and friends: How Bulbul and Simsim are plotting to challenge Amazon and Flipkart in Bharat
11 Jun 2019
Aryaman Tandon, director, Praxis Global Alliance (PGA) says, " With increasing online shopper affordability and frequency, offerings like live or video-streaming e-commerce are likely to be an important channel to drive sales for e-commerce platforms in India." According to him, shoppers with increasing affordability will focus on more discretionary experiential shopping and video-enabled platforms, including live-streaming, which generates excitement and trust for the buyer community.

"For the platforms, it is a powerful tool to gain mind share of the already-over whelmed shoppers and for the brands and sellers a powerful way to demonstrate new products. In China, where affordability is already high, this has already become a strong phenomenon," says Tandon.

Featured Leader: Aryaman Tandon
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