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#Digital Nomads: Unraveling the millennials' way of working and living
22 May 2019

Who are Digital Nomads?

The term digital nomad is a fancy term for millennials. Dr. Poornima Gupta, Associate Professor, HRM & Organisational Behaviour, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon, defines digital nomads as a “growing breed of entrepreneurs who embody the success and freedom that an Internet Lifestyle can provide.” She further says, “More and more millennials are moving to this lifestyle. They have the money to spend that they earn through various income streams – blogging, training, e-products, internet e-commerce, webinars, etc. They have a passion to travel and enjoy new things in life.”


Being a faceless figure in a crowd is what the life of a digital nomad entails. So building trust becomes imperative. Aryaman Tandon, Director of Praxis Global Alliance, says, “Building trust is crucial when one employs these benefits and that’s foremost for digital nomads to understand and achieve their goals.”

Featured Leader: Aryaman Tandon
This article was originally published on Entrepreneur India. Read more.

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