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Lockdown tip: Social distance makes the heart grow fonder for Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, et al.
23 Mar 2020

When a lockdown is an opportunity

Madhur Singhal, managing director of Praxis Global Alliance, a consultancy firm that uses analytics to process consumer data, says it has target-group labs for sectoral analysis and works with logistics partners to map consumer trends. 

Based on the data collected, Singhal is of the opinion that online food orders would be down 25% to 35% because of the viral outbreak. He does not see much of an uptick in horizontal e-commerce either. "[Horizontal] e-commerce is more or less discretionary. In times like these, people do not make that kind of purchase," he says. The sector he believes will grow ed-tech and OTTs.

 Featured Leader: Madhur Singhal

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