We work with organizations to help them accelerate growth and scale of operations. We help businesses accelerate growth and re-imagine how to become a market leader. Our robust Go-to-

Market toolkits and Sales Acceleration frameworks help identify the right customer segments and optimize product offerings, pricing, promotion, micro-market outreach and distribution. We help

organizations prioritize expansion opportunities and take critical decisions to acquire, target and retain customers. Our hands on approach makes our recommendations actionable and agile.

What We Do

International expansion and globalization

We help evaluate international expansion opportunities by leveraging our global research reach and prepare on-ground GTM plans

Market entry

Global players and brands often need to adapt their offerings and business model for new markets. Cost of failure is often high. Clients rely on our data and market insights to take critical market entry decisions and formulate strategies for new product-market segments

Adjacency expansion

We help organizations monetize their ‘core assets’ and leverage their ‘core capabilities’ to capture new profit pools and grow non-linearly

Micro-market leadership

Good strategies go deep. We do in-depth analyses to identify market potential, target customers better and define tactics that help our clients gain share over competition

Sales acceleration

Our robust sales acceleration toolkits help plug sales leakage, define target channel mix, improvise on channel coverage, plan the right advertising and promotions, and re-orient the frontline teams

Customer acquisition and targeting

We devise creative strategies to acquire customers, define cost of customer acquisition, improve customer experience and optimize all points of the customer journey

Channel mix and productivity

Channels are increasingly more diverse and complex. We help businesses navigate the channel mix question and create plans and policies that allow them to drive maximum throughput and market share across online and offline channels

Offering validation and B-plan

Our deep understanding of products and markets helps our clients allocate R&D and product spends more wisely and sharpen their offerings to their customers

Customer centric innovation

We use our deep research capabilities to understand customer pain points and innovate to create superlative customer experience

Project feasibility of Capital projects

Feasibility analysis of capital projects by leveraging our deep understanding of on-ground business realities and key project risks


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