We are leaders in pharma and life sciences. We work with clients across the pharma value chain and have helped them achieve better business outcomes by portfolio expansion, distribution optimization, partner identification, pricing support, and digitization. The global pharmaceutical industry is in great flux today.

The relationship between payers, patients and pharmaceutical companies is changing as ‘pay-for-performance’ and product bundling is gathering momentum. Rising pressure on innovation is coupled with risk-averse regulators seeking to minimize fiascos like OxyContin and Vioxx. Focus on preventive therapies is rising as is the incidence of chronic disease.

Geographies are becoming increasingly varied in terms of epidemiological factors, regulatory ecosystem, and affluence. This technical and dynamic playfield requires seasoned practitioners and we possess unparalleled resources for all your needs. We access several proprietary and restricted databases to provide top-notch service in accelerating your business growth.

What we do?

Control tower

An integrated orchestration and control tower capability can help improve supply chain performance and KPI tracking. We help companies in designing control tower and provide implementation plan to make the right commitment to customers, drive adherence to commitments and improve OTIF.

Accelerate Time to Market

We help companies to reduce the time to file and launch products by streamlining R&D processes and systems, aiding to improve the Revenue Realization Efficiency (RRE) of the new product development process and institutionalizing robust project execution frameworks.

Improving cost competitiveness

We deploy our cost reduction frameworks and levers to identify sustainable cost reduction opportunities and drive the realization of opportunities through a strong PMO. We accelerate benefits realization by driving the implementation of quick wins.

Transformation for growth

We identify and size key-value creation opportunities in line with the growth aspirations of the company. We support and drive rapid returns by helping implement quick wins and lead business transformation to unlock ambitious growth opportunities.

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