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Investment bright spots in the Herbal and Ayurvedic OTC landscape in India
23 Dec 2019


  • Company Description: A mid-sized Indian ‘Herbal & Ayurvedic’ OTC player
  • Opportunity: To identify market opportunities in the Indian Herbal & Ayurvedic OTC market with a special focus on performing due diligence on the target player

Our Approach

  • A Preliminary market sizing across need segments
  • Identification of the biggest and fastest-growing segments basis secondary sources and primary interviews
  • Deep consumer and channel partner engagements
  • Assessment of the target’s main products vs the competitive landscape

Praxis Value Delivered

  • Detailed market sizing across need segments in the Ayurvedic OTC space + identification of player archetypes serving the space
  • Understanding of international parallels in Ayurvedic OTC and mapping of illustrative targets for potential investment
  • Consumer survey to identify points of friction in the purchase, customer personas and pain points / opportunities in the Ayurvedic OTC space


“The opportunity identification and due diligence of the target and its various play areas was enriching, and final recommendations were well received unanimously by the investment committee.”

- Managing Director, PE firm

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