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Oncology & critical care market assessment and global expansion strategy for generic Indian player
04 Jul 2020

Company Description: A generic cytotoxin & critical care player in India
Opportunity: The client intended to estimate its growth potential in domestic & international markets by:  
  • Understanding key market growth drivers for 11 cytotoxic drug molecules
  • Understanding its own potential business for the 11 molecules in domestic & international market and key differentiators compared to other players in the same space
Our approach
  • ~20 in-depth interviews with top management of leading cytotoxin manufacturers across 5 geographies
  • Conducted 50 discussions with oncologists, radiologists, pharmacists & purchase managers in major hospitals & cancer centers
  • ~10 focused discussions with drug price regulators across MENA and ASEAN regions
  • Extensive data analysis from restricted databases to identify molecule wise market size & growth drivers

Key Insights / Outcomes

Client to gain share in domestic market for 7 out of 11 key onco molecules studied; 4 to remain static

Client company well poised to capture lion’s share of oncology and generic critical care market in MENA & ASEAN countries by FY24

Price control by DPCO in domestic market favors uptake of client portfolio by ensuring affordability for the masses

Vertically integrated manufacturers have higher product margins – hence, can offer lower prices

Required focus on sales acceleration to gain market share – recommended relationship building with oncologists, radiologists & cancer centers

Praxis value delivered
  • Identification of international markets with lucrative growth prospects
  • Estimation of domestic market growth & movement of the client’s share with sensitivity analysis
  • Identification of key growth factors for a client like price competitiveness & NDDS (novel drug delivery system)
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