We work alongside financial sponsors and strategic investors supporting strategic investment decision making. We strategize with them to anticipate future trends and appreciate the opportunities

and risks in making an investment. We have capabilities to help Strategy, M&A or Corporate Development teams establish internal processes, qualify deal pipelines, identify strategic targets,

evaluate the deal thesis and chart out value creation plans.

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What We Do

Fund strategy

We help LPs choose funds wisely and commit capital in sectors and spaces that match their investment objectives. We help identify attractive opportunities and develop the investment strategies for investors

Commercial due diligence

We conduct full-stack commercial diligence that covers market attractiveness, competitive benchmarking, consumer and channel checks, NPS assessment, growth runway, margin expansion and value creation potential

Operational due diligence

We help investors take better decisions by equipping them with on-ground stakeholder feedback, business scalability, benchmark performance with competitors on operational parameters

Digital and tech due diligence

Our data science and product teams comprehensively cover user validation and engagement, technology assessment and impact of digital technologies on the fortunes of a business

Post value deal creation - 100 day plan

We help portfolio companies prioritize initiatives that are critical generate maximum value for shareholders

Exit thesis development

Leading businesses engineer good returns and work tirelessly to create a tight exit thesis. We support investors steer their investee companies towards value creation

M&A scanning and partner identification

We help organizations identify potential acquisition target, JV partners and strategic collaborators

Joint Venture success

We understand how Joint Ventures create value. We estimate synergies and help realize strategic objectives of the merger through support in post-merger integration

Post Merger Integration (PMI)

We help organizations realize synergies and reduce business, people and process risks in an integration.

Project feasibility and traffic assessment

We can help to do traffic assessments, assess project feasibility, evaluate the robustness of concession agreements and identify key risks. We can also help to provide city level supply-demand and catchment mapping in real estate deals

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