Lack of skilled labour make Indian SMEs deploy robots on factory floors
27 Jun 2019
Suparna Plastics is one among hundreds of small companies in the country which are embracing automation to scale up production and improve efficiency. With skilled workers hard to come by — many have been absorbed in IT parks, malls and ride-hailing firms such as Uber and Ola — and growing labor costs, robotic workers are being seen as the way forward.

Experts point out that the trend of small and medium enterprises adopting automation is new in India. “While there is a higher penetration of robots and cobots (collaborative robots) in large enterprises, small and medium enterprises are now catching up,” says Jaspreet Bindra, leader, digital, at management consulting firm, Praxis Global Alliance.

Featured Leader: Jaspreet Bindra
This article was originally published on Business Standard. Read more.

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