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Product diversification strategy and brand architecture for a leading home improvement firm
14 Apr 2020
  • Client Description: A leading internet-based home-improvement company
  • Opportunity: The client wanted to diversify its product offerings by adding relevant products to it portfolio
Further the client also wanted to understand:
  • Key product categories for diversification considering brand relevance, service component and opportunity size
  • Brand archetype identification for the shortlisted product categories
  • Brand architecture for all the identified products to leverage existing brand image and value
Our Approach
  • Identification and classification of long-list of opportunities in the home improvement space
  • Categorization of categories as service led and product led to include HI services like painting, plumbing, maintenance etc.
  • Shortlisting and prioritization of categories basis parameters including opportunity size and growth, room for disruption and brand creation opportunity, ease of capacity building, product brand archetype, etc.
  • Based on brand resonance with the core brand, customer attributes and preference, etc. to brand architecture for the shortlisted categories was created
  • In-depth interviews with 155+ customers across leading Indian metro cities to understand customer preferences
  • In-depth discussions with 60+ industry stakeholders including manufacturers, retailers, designers, etc. to understand industry nuances and value chain margins
  • Financial filings analysis to understand the performance of leading players in the category
  • Case study on international parallels and best practices benchmarking

Key Insights / Outcomes

Market opportunity for the 6 service categories was estimated to be US$ 3.5B in the top 6 cities in India

Categories like bathroom fittings & sanitary ware are highly organized with ~55% being contributed by organized players

Decorative lightnings on the other end have ~1% organized market share and is driven by the unorganized sector

Praxis Value Delivered
  • Action plan for product diversification of the 8 product categories and 6 service categories shortlisted with phased wise category launch and brand architecture recommendation
  • Category deep-dives for each of the 8 product categories to broaden understanding of customer KPCs, value chain margins and competitor market positioning and performance
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