Brand and Marketing
Consumer study to evaluate trends and behavior across the cosmetic market in India
27 Apr 2020
  • Client Description: A global PE firm
  • Opportunity: The client was considering investment in a leading cosmetics and beauty products platform in India
Further, the client specifically wanted to deep-dive on:
  • Brand positioning and attributes consumers relate with leading platforms
  • Customer feedback by brand, assortment, pricing and brand pull
  • Analysis of a private label brand of the platform with other leading cosmetics brands in terms of customer association, brand image and usage
Our Approach
  • In-depth interviews of 50+ consumers across leading Indian metro cities to understand consumer behaviour and brand awareness
  • Survey of >1,200 cosmetics products users including a mix of the target users, non-users and ex-users to understand brand experience, NPS, and differentiators
  • Secondary research, platform and product benchmarking and web scrape of platforms to identify price positioning and product variety available
  • App analysis and mystery shopping to identify differentiating factors between platforms and competitive advantages

Key Insights / Outcomes

Target had a NPS of 61%, ~9% higher compared to the nearest pure cosmetics platform. Second overall, ~10% behind a leading lifestyle platform

Target operated more in the low value to masstige brands segment, whereas key competitors also offered significant variety of premium products

Praxis Value Delivered
  • The client was able to evaluate brand awareness and get detailed insights into consumer behavior while purchasing cosmetic products which aided them in their investment decision
  • A detailed list of key improvement areas for the platform was recommended basis the extensive consumer research to foster faster growth
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