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Hyderabad FinTechs: Low-cost model a major driver
23 Dec 2019

Top 10 FinTechs from Hyderabad have managed to raise funds of around $57 million until now (2019 end) and they are attracting huge investments. To promote the FinTechs, they have launched Hyderabad Fintech Forum(HFF) was launched which is a platform that brings all the startups, incubators, corporates, regulators, investors and research institutions at one place. Over here, they discover the problem and work on interesting and innovative solutions in the Fintech space. It is also supported by several leaders from the Hyderabad IT industry. Along with the launch of HFF, the CEO of Q-Hub and the Founder of W Hub signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to enable the growth of Fintech Market Opportunities globally.

“FinTechs are growing rapidly across the financial services sector and are reshaping the entire ecosystem. Hyderabad is emerging as a strong FinTech hub owing to its high-quality talent, strong work ethic and fast consumer adoption for internet-based services including Fintech offerings,” says, Madhur Singhal, MD, Praxis Global Alliance.

Featured Leader: Madhur Singhal

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