Indian Railways 2.0: Will 2021 Be That Year?
21 Dec 2020

Indian Railways plays a vital role in the economy and the lives of people in India. The year 2020 has been unlike anything seen by the travel industry in the last few decades. The national transporter that ferries over 20 million passengers daily was brought to a complete standstill due to the pandemic-induced lockdown. The economic impact was huge. The Railway Board Chairman, Y.K. Yadav, said, “The Indian Railways has seen INR 35,000- 40,000 crore reduction in the earnings from passenger trains. The overall traffic revenue of the Indian railways has declined by 42.3 per cent as passenger train services remain impacted by the outbreak of COVID-19”. But when you look back closely, you will realize it was also the year when the sector identified that as a public utility that connects nooks and corners of India, it needed to overhaul its passenger and freight operations to grow in the coming years. Will 2021 be that year?

The full article was originally published on Entrepreneur India

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