Transportation and Logistics
Understanding payment preferences for cab users
29 May 2020
  • Client description: Large Indian cab aggregator
  • Opportunity: To understand the payment preferences of the cab users and the underlying reasons behind them and reasons for switching from cash to cashless payments across key Indian cities
Our Approach
  • Primary field survey in 4 different cities to understand reasons for switching between payment modes
  • Conducted in-depth interviews in the cities to understand qualitative nuances around payment preference by cab users
  • Report prepared based on the qualitative and quantitative primary study deriving insights on the payment preferences

Key Insights / Outcomes

Choice of model for 4W taxis depends on use case - longer term choice in favor of private cabs, chauffeur driven rentals for shorter term, aggregators for single rides.

Popular ride hailing platforms like Ola, Uber mostly operate intracity and major proportion of economy rides indicates price consciousness of customer base.

~35% of aggregator cab users use online modes of payment. This behavior is most prevalent among regular users and those in 35-44 year age group.

Praxis Value Delivered 
  • The company understood what drives cash and cashless behavior across cities and estimated the uplift potential by identifying the addressable reasons behind cash usage

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