Transportation and Logistics
International market assessment for entry by a leading Indian shared transportation provider
29 May 2020
  • Client Description: Leading Indian commute service provider
  • Opportunity:
1. To construct a detailed view of ‘paratransit’ in international markets – most attractive markets, consumer personas, supplier archetypes, government regulations and historical evolution of need and attributes (form factors, service level, etc.) of these services  
2. To create a framework to identify top markets for entry by including factors such as market size, customers’ ability to pay

Our Approach
  • Correlating paratransit play to population density (PD) & GDP to identify 80+ high density urban agglomerations
  • Extensive secondary research to spot paratransit play and collate variations in service
  • Design & implementation of framework on the basis of market size and premium paying ability to identify the top 20 cities
  • Prioritization of top 7 markets to enter on the basis of dominant customer personas, trip archetypes
  • Reinforced final recommendation based on multiple indirect inputs (presence of organized retail, smartphone penetration, etc.)

Key Insights / Outcomes

Across regions, ‘mixed systems’ of transportation tend to be the most attractive. Of the top urban agglomerations, most cities tend to be mixed systems with emphasis on paratransit. Few cities are mixed systems with emphasis on public transport.

Paratransit is not necessarily of low quality and being used by the less affluent. In urban agglomerations such as Bangkok, Lima and Manila; vans have attempted to provide differentiated offerings.

Praxis Value Delivered 
  • Consensus built with senior management on priority markets to enter– detailed sequence-wise priority list of 20 markets established with quantification of revenue potential, understanding of strategic growth (M&A, JV opportunities, etc.)
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