Transportation and Logistics
Case study: Opportunity Landscape, revenue enhancement strategies for logistics operations at Asia’s
30 Apr 2021


  • Client Description: One of the largest STU (Govt undertaking) in Asia, ventured logistics business (FTL).
  • Client Opportunity: They needed to understand the logistics sector, Industry Landscape & sector performance and do sector scan. Additionally, they wanted to explore on increasing their revenues, operations and understand potential of market share (how to increase % Mshare), Competitiveness viz other players. Overall, they needed to do demand Assessment, Opportunity Landscape and needed insights to Improve their pricing competitiveness , reduce Fleet wait time and improve onwards booking. Client wanted to introduce PTL & last mile delivery using partnership models driven through technology adoption
Our approach

  • Conducted N = 34 in-depth interviews at Divisional Operations Logistics sector sector

  • Conducted N =5 interviews with established private business operators, Government agencies and their Officials leading sector development in specific area/ region and driving demand for commodities.
  • Enlisted the demand on business potential – Industrial SEZ Zone, Commissioned and planned Projects across sector and industries and Development clusters
  • Enlisted the Various industries and players in the regional geographical feasible area of STU operations for their planning of businesses on long term approach
  • Complete perspective on new corridors being commissioned and ongoing for the development and demand arising due to such projects in area
  • Benchmarking various operators in private, ecommerce and start-up market under their operations, technology, Line of business, product offerings, competitive pricing, market, etc.
  • Understanding and estimating revenue per kms of operations, market share, trucks utilization, pricing competitiveness, partnership avenues with govt and aggregators, new product enhancement and introduction, understanding demand and development of new businesses around cold storage and warehousing facilities, etc. 
  • Understanding on their products ,SCM value chain of PTL and FTL businesses
  • Identifying new model on primary, secondary and tertiary routes for fleet utilization and optimized operations reducing to and fro costs

 Key insights/ Praxis Value Delivered

  • Client understood the opportunities in different segments, industries, sectors, clusters which are driving demand.
  • They understood key players in the ecosystem and having multiple partnership avenues discussions for revenue maximization and fleet utilizations
  • Client also understood key strengths viz their pricing and competitiveness, strategic, operational and tactical issues and ways of mitigating them through technology interventions and robust platform integrations.
  • Client is building new tracking (GPS based system) and mobile based booking system with Payment gateway integrations which allows real time flow of information and business. 
  • Client is also scaling up their efforts on their sales and marketing with proper training and capacity building. 
  • Client is looking and exploring opportunities to re-use and convert their land parcel to build logistics warehouse, cold storages to scale their end to end operations and look to be a player who can create employment in the sector.
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