Transportation and Logistics
Consumer behavior and travel characteristic study for a leading bike-taxi platform
29 May 2020


  • Client Description: Leading bike taxi player in India
  • Opportunity: To understand the prevalence of bike-taxi commute in Indian cities and analyze the key differentiators and pain points that shape consumer behavior. To perform a competitive benchmarking and NPS analysis of the bike-taxi space in India and understand drivers for promotions and detractions

Our Approach

  • Conducted a survey for 1,000+ commuters using bike-taxi services in India across Metro and Tier-1 cities 
  • Conducted 50+ in-depth interviews with churned users to understand factors of promotion/detraction and key pain points with the existing bike-taxi services to formulate a better value proposition to gain market share
  • Analysis of various use cases, frequency of trips taken, the average distance traveled by bike-taxi to evaluate market share 
  • Willingness to pay was analyzed for improvement of key service parameters for different customer archetypes to understand the incremental revenue potential 

Key Insights / Outcomes

Indian 2W rental / taxis market faces strong short-term headwinds particularly that of achieving positive unit economics, but long-term growth prospects remain intact.

Players in the Indian 2W shared mobility segment are experimenting with different models; ‘kirana’ partnerships could be a key model to fuel expansion in tier-2 cities.

Praxis Value Delivered 
  • Archetypes of customers and drivers / barriers of adoption by bike-taxi users were identified
  • NPS analysis was done to understand the experience of bike-taxi users of client vs its competitors 
  • Key identifiers of trail and churn and factors that could re-establish engagement were also identified
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