Transportation and Logistics
Competitive intelligence tracking for a two-wheeler rental player
29 May 2020


  • Client Description: Indian two-wheeler rental player
  • Opportunity: To track key operational metrics (like # vehicles, # trips per vehicle per day, % utilization, # customers, % repeat customers, average & gross booking value) of competitor vs own in key cities for a period of 6 months

Our Approach

  • Visited pick up and drop locations, demand centers and hubs across micro-markets and conducted deep conversations with ground staff and customers
  • Visited city offices and spoke to fleet operation managers to understand their perspectives
  • Mystery shopping across micro-markets to gain an outside-in view of the 2 wheeler rental space
  • Built overall model to estimate and triangulate scale metrics across players 

Key Insights / Outcomes

2-wheeler self-rentals are led by unorganized players (US$ 26M), followed by on-demand instant rental players like Bounce, Vogo (US$ 23M) and mid-term hourly rental players (US$ 0.9M)

Price affordability, widest geographical coverage & dock less parking are the key differentiators

Praxis Value Delivered

  • The company understood how key competitor player is growing month-on-month in key cities in India
  • The company understood competitor to focus on key operational aspects fleet size, utilization, and new customer acquisition

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