We assisted a leading tech company to identify adjacencies to their core business
21 Feb 2023


Company: A leading tech company

Problem statement:

A tech company was exploring new opportunities in the emerging mobility market. It intended to explore and develop new mobility initiatives while upholding the core tenets of the organization

Our Approach

  • Understood the mobility landscape space in India across passenger and commercial vehicle market segments (demand, regulations, market trends, use cases, business models, and best practices)
  • Captured select global success stories to comment on how the Indian market is evolving in the mobility space
  • Determined overall market size and future potentithe al of mobility market in India across various segments
  • Assessed customer cohorts and potential for new mobility solutions across product lines / income segments / demographics etc.

Key Outcomes

  • Developed a long list of mobility solutions and deep-dived into segments of interest, before filtering basis market size & growth potential
  • Deep-dive the potential offerings segments basis parameters such as market concentration, player dynamics, customer profiles, product features   & adjacencies, pricing strategy, prevalence nature of eco-system partnerships, etc.
  • Used the prioritization framework for the top 4-5 selected offerings based on incremental effort in extending / building capability and difficulty   in customer acquisition thereby identifying highly attractive offerings

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