Key factors driving adoption of EdTech platforms
18 Mar 2021


  • Client: PE investor
  • Opportunity: Client wanted to understand the factors that are important to adoption of EdTech platforms in India
  • Target:
      • The platform provided services across multiples exams for e.g. JEE, NEET, MBA, SSC, UPSC etc.
      • The platform also provided a range of learning modes varying from test preparation to complete coaching

Our approach

  • Conducted in-depth interviews across a representative mix of exams and learning mode and arrived at a detailed microscopic answers to the factors that drives adoption of EdTech platforms
  • Conducted telephonic surveys (in lieu of COVID) of N=250 students

Praxis value delivered

  • We helped the client understand the various factors that drive adoption of EdTech platforms and their importance along with specific feedback on strengths and weaknesses of the Target 

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