SEA expansion strategy for an internet & technology player
21 Feb 2023


Company: A leading internet & technology player

Problem statement:

A leading tech player wanted to expand to a country in SEA as part of its international expansion efforts. The mandate was to develop a detailed view of the market and develop a Go-To-Market plan and provide support to kickstart the business.

Our Approach

  • We built a ground-up view of the market and macro environment, underlying characteristics, and opportunity size (by various product and customer segments). This allowed us to offer go / no-go recommendations for each segment. Further, entry into segments was sequenced basis overall attractiveness of the segment
  • We deep-dived into the prevalent customer segments and developed profiles / archetypes. We evaluated customers basis of age, disposable income/propensity to spend & household dynamics. We mapped their relevant journeys (offline and online) and identified pain points
  • We plotted the supply chain BoQ-wise and established a detailed understanding of cost build-up and margins across value chain intermediaries, size of profit pool, and opportunities for disruption
  • We modeled a long-term business plan for MVP, scale-up, and growth phases
Key Outcomes

  • International market entry plan got approved by the client Board for implementation
  • Our market assessment and recommended strategy provided clear growth guardrails to clients to prioritize investments and customer segments. The client launched a competitive offering in the market and saw solid growth; expansion into the aforementioned SEA country now contributes a large part to the client’s overall global revenues.
  • Profitable international growth has allowed the client to enhance their ‘unicorn’ status

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