Reducing the pre delivery returns of a major B2C e-commerce players in India
18 Mar 2021


  • Client: B2C e-commerce firm
  • Opportunity: Client wanted to reduce the pre-delivery returns of the company:
    • Understand the root causes of problem and suggest suitable action points for the same
    • Identify the main drivers of RTOs and the size of loss arising due to each reason

Our approach

  • Conducted a customer survey (N = 1000), IDIs (N = 160) and comprehensive data analysis with different customers, sellers, delivery boys, warehouse managers, competitors and internal stakeholders to:
    • Classify the supply chain into first mile, mid mile and last mile delivery and identify the root causes present in each phase
    • Analyze the root causes of RTOs and the estimated contribution of the root cause to the total RTOs of the company
    • Estimate the potential loss to the company arising due to each root cause
  • Conducted data analysis, competitor and industry expert calls to understand:
    • Variation of RTO across different categories, regions, city types and 3PL partners
    • Best practices to reduce RTOs implemented around the industry
    • Action points that can be implemented to reduce the RTO% of the company
    • Total incremental impact from each action point on the total RTO% and the total NM

Praxis value delivered

  • Successfully provided the client with a deep insight into the main drivers of RTO, a comprehensive understanding of the size of each root cause and the subsequent action points for the company

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