Assisting a hospitality tech player improve its conversion rate
21 Feb 2023
Company: A large hospitality tech player

Problem statement
The client wanted to improve the realization (realized revenue / booked revenue) by understanding the various drivers of cancellation across different cities, offerings, channels, etc., and set up a framework to control this metric on a continuous basis.

Our Approach

  • We conducted extensive customer conversations across cities to understand the reasons leading to cancellations
  • We performed comprehensive data analysis on multiple data sets to identify trends and insights at a user level, property level, city level, channel level, and brand level
  • Through our in-depth interviews, we built a refined “MECE” reason tree to understand the major drivers of cancellations across X properties
  • A comprehensive view of reasons for cancellation with incidence rate was built out to size the prize and the need for targeted action items
  • We estimated the overall potential of improvement in realization from various reasons
  • We identified a few high-impact areas and conducted pilots or proof-of-concept exercises to show the impact of some of the action items suggested to the company
Key Outcomes

  • We helped our client understand the various drivers of cancellation and the action items required to tackle them.
  • An overall governing framework was established along with necessary systems and processes to improve this metric.
  • Through this engagement, we helped the client identify an uplift potential of 15% of revenue

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