Strategy to improve the maximum span of ground ops staff and increase growth for a real estate tech
13 May 2020
  • Client description: A leading real estate tech player wanted to improve time allocation and productivity of various levels of ground ops across different activities – current vs. possible span of roles
  • Opportunity:Engagement involved the development of a comprehensive framework to analyze employee productivity and to redefine the job roles to directly correlate with internal and external measures of customer satisfaction. . The mandate was to closely align employee roles and responsibilities with organizational growth initiatives. Client aimed to use the framework for long-term tracking of various realization metrics on a continuous basis

Our Approach
  • Detailed deep-dives with the client’s central team and ground ops personnel to understand process workflows, map daily activities and understand the average time spent by them on different activities – differences from the outlined path and implications 
  • Established 5 levers across various operational heads to reach the maximum effective span without compromising customer 'wow'
  • Detailed ground operations employee survey ran within the organization across performance levels - high, medium and low performers to understand their time distribution across different activities
  • Assessed SOPs and current organizational structures: identified inefficiencies to ensure optimal allocation of resources
  • Understood current use of technology by employees and areas of friction – recommended tech interventions in various areas for higher productivity

Key Insights / Outcomes

Detailed SOPs to improve employee productivity

Redefined job roles to align with organization’s strategic goals

Praxis Value Delivered
  • Successfully improved employee span / productivity in pilot locations – established validity of multiple recommended measures 
  • As a result of Praxis work, client was able to increase the span of the ground staff by more than 2.5 times without affecting customer satisfaction. This resulted in improved productivity across all client properties.
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