Sustainability and Impact
Selection of content creators & educators for pilot video creation for a leading NGO
02 Jun 2020

  • Client description: Client, in partnership with Google (You Tube) wanted to create 250 hours of byte-sized curriculum-based educational videos for govt. school students for Math, in Hindi & Telugu languages
  • Opportunity: They wanted to engage best-in-class content creators & educators to create sample educational videos to be tested in the pilot phase
Our Approach

  • Scanned content creation ecosystem and determined various archetypes of creators. For each archetype we found out cost of production per min and monthly throughput by video format, prior work done & team strength through discussions
  • Created a model to determine maximum thresholds for cost of production per min for each video formats
  • Reached out to 100+ creators and 30+ educators using a variety of reach-out strategies and leveraging large networks of relevant communities
  • Shortlisted creators, engaged in conversations to understand fit with the project, discussed in depth along with CSF and determine the final set of creators for the pilot phase
  • Scanned educator ecosystem and assessed unit costs and time required for creating scripts for 3-4 minute videos
  • Shortlisted educators based on profile fit with the project and evaluation of assignments given by pedagogical advisors
Praxis Value Delivered

  • Selection of best in class content creators & educators aligned to the purpose of client
  • Understanding of best practices across various archetypes
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