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Case Study: Understanding the female labor force participation in India through the lens of one majo
12 Apr 2021


    • Client Description: An organization working for women empowerment for economic participation
    • Opportunity: The client wanted to find out and comprehend the key challenges and empowering indicators for women in the formal and domestic work sector. Also wanted to understand the women’s participation and contribution to the economy of a major city of the country. They needed guidance for analyzing and processing the challenges.

Our approach

  • 200+ in-depth interviews were taken across for the better understanding of formal and informal sectors with keeping the demographic, financial, business, family and professional parameter of the profile.
  • Conducted 2000+ surveys around the city for identifying the key indicators of female participation in workforce such as access to education, access to finance, level of digital adoption, impact of government policies and regulation and infrastructure.
  •  Government, HR policies, labour laws, evolution of financial schemes and products offered by various institutions. Also about the WCD norms provided by govt.
  •  Led 8 focus group discussions to confront the needs and challenges faced by women working across the sectors.
  • 10 in-depth expert and ecosystem interviews were conducted to get their outlook on key issues and pain points faced by women working in both sectors and also towards financial inclusion and technological adoption in each segment and existing gaps

 Key insights/ Praxis Value Delivered
  • Client was able to benchmark the strengths of the key indicators. Challenges were analyzed and processed thoroughly.
  • Client was successfully able to understand the different policies, laws for women empowerment.
  • Focusing on the key indicators which were successful in addressing pain points, various policies for the women participation.
  • Successfully led the in- depth  interviews and surveys across the city
  • Current profile, challenges and gaps existing in the female labour force participation in the city was successfully presented to the client.
  • We recommended ‘gender-smart’ solutions for private companies in the city to fix the gender gap in economic participation.
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