Sustainability and Impact
Case Study: Enhancing and monitoring teacher training effectiveness
12 Apr 2021


  • Client Description: An organization from a developing state of the country
  • Opportunity: The client wanted to monitor the teacher training effectiveness in the developing state. Also wanted to assess the present skills and opportunities and barriers for the enhancement.

Our approach

  • We surveyed (N=200) teachers to assess the teaching techniques acquired by them in the classroom
  • Analysis of classroom engagement ratio, task orientations, teaching skills deficiencies and various mediums used for teaching to gain the attention of students was taken into consideration, to structure and process the data.
  • The analysis also captured achievements with respect to the result indicators, including outcomes related to developing state of the art infrastructure for TEIs, and programs for improving teacher education delivery for both pre-service and in-service (Continuous Professional Development of teachers) courses.
  • Used the qualitative and quantitative tools for the research and gap assessment.

 Key insights/ Praxis Value Delivered
  • Client was able to benchmark the strengths of the community.
  • Client was able to analyze and understand the mechanism provided and  also to overcome the challenges and gap existence.
  • We conducted an assessment for the teacher training effectiveness across the city
  • Recommended the teachers interventions strengthening teacher’s involvement.
  • Presented the current profile, skill levels, challenges and gaps existing in the teacher training in the state .
  • Provided the mechanism for the upliftment of the community to become more effective and efficient.
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