Financial Services
Study on distribution channel for an Insurtech player
15 Mar 2021


  • Client description: A large global PE investor
  • Opportunity: The client wanted to invest in a leading online insurance platform and hence had the following specific objectives:
    • Profile of agents working with insurtech player
    • Experience of agents with different insurers and across insurtech platforms
    • Drivers / reasons to use specific platforms and reasons for churn
    • Earning potential and payouts across channels

Our approach

  • Pan-India agent survey (N = 500) to understand agent profiles, affiliation, reasons to onboard and churn away from specific platforms?
  • In-depth interviews with 30+ agents of Target and other platforms to understand differentiation and value proposition?
  • Benchmarked number of policies and earning potential of agents on Target platform as compared to other Insurtech platforms?

Praxis value delivered

  • Successfully provided client with investment thesis through deep analysis of value proposition of Target?
  • Provided deep analysis into profiles of agents and insurance products that Target can focus on to scale up
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