Financial Services
Market assessment for payments player
24 May 2021


  • Company Description: A global payments solution provider
  • Client wanted to understand the overall Indian exports landscape, market size of various export categories and major exporters from India

Our approach

  • In-depth study of Indian exports (goods and services) and identification of total trade by vertical
  • Shortlisted key categories basis share of export trade, preferred payments channel and expert feedback
  • Estimated market size by segregating each vertical by size of players, their number of transactions and avg. transaction value Identified high potential sectors and corridors for the client along with key target customers in each sector
  • Benchmarked the client’s product features and service framework with competitors       

Praxis value delivered

  • Identified 18 major services and 20 major goods categories in the Indian exports market such as software services, leather goods and more
  • Estimated TAM of all the identified categories and also mapped the regional presence of the top Indian exporters in each category

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