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Diligence on an Online SME lender in India
23 Jan 2022

  • An Indian PE player wanted to invest in a SME lending Fintech and wanted to understand the market opportunity, credit model, competition and analyze business model projections

Our approach:

  • Defined the Indian SME Lending market landscape and estimated its market size
  • Management discussions to understand company operations and business plans
  • Analytics team discussion to deep dive into underwriting algorithm and delinquency estimates
  • Conducted In-depth Interviews with various stakeholders and experts (N=25) to understand the nature of partnerships, benchmarking against competitors especially on underwriting technology and product reviews

Praxis value delivered:

  • Estimated the size of online led SME lending opportunity in India, divided basis acquisition channels
  • SME lenders have similar underwriting models and acquisition channels
  • Most SME lenders are following a hybrid marketplace approach, wherein, they have their own NBFC alongside other financial institutions to lend on the platform
  • SME Fintech lenders have developed underwriting models to provide credit to digital SMEs associated with anchors across the ecommerce landscape
  • Customers, anchors, and platform lenders shared their feedback about the given target, and helped understand the team structure, terms and profiles
  • Unit economics for anchor led acquisitions of digital SMEs suggest a profitable business
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