Financial Services
Identifying growth opportunities in the India and global wealth management landscape
21 May 2024


A leading private equity firm wanted Praxis’ perspective on:

  • Analysis of India and global wealth management landscape, covering customer segments, products, regulations, and competition
  • Strategic growth insights for wealth management Targets, factoring in market reach, regulations, tech, and customer trends
  • Optimization strategies for the Target's business model, products, customer experience, and talent to drive scalability, profits, and lasting value in wealth management


  • Market assessment: Analysed TAM and SAM for digital wealth management, considering customer segments, products, and regions. Evaluated competition and regulations to gauge market opportunity.
  • Competitive evaluation: Assessed competitors, including Target, analysing product offerings, take rate trends, disruptions, and economic models validation.
  • Understanding customer behaviour: Obtained insights on customer behaviour, investment patterns, and evolving needs through surveys and interviews with 600+ participants
  • RM scalability: Analysed RM productivity trends, attrition rates, and client preferences for fee structures. Identified talent acquisition and retention strategies

Praxis value delivered

Successfully provided client with a holistic view of wealth management market of India with the help of market size, industry trends, key players & their offerings and understanding of customer segment

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